What You Could Be Doing Wrong In The Bedroom

They say it takes two to tango, and if you’re doing the sweaty horizontal dance, you certainly need two people. But the dance doesn’t always end on a happy note. Forget those love stories where the passionate embraces end with both partners satisfied and content. Reality hits and can bite quite hard. So we asked a few male Casanovas what they felt women were doing wrong in the bedroom, and here is our list. So ladies, here’s the whole truth and nothing but the bare truth!


  • You’re too quiet

Errrr, yeah I know that men gossip more than women (Yes, that’s true) but that doesn’t mean you can’t make a squeak or two. If your man is doing all the huffing and puffing while you’re staring quietly at the ceiling, trust me, that passion is not going to be long lived. Men like to feel appreciated, especially if it’s in the sack – it’s more than just their ego on the line. They are baring themselves to you (pun intended) and although silence is meant for libraries, it certainly has no place in the bedroom!


2 show love to nuts

  • Show some love to his nuts

They’re not just for show, you know. Call them his jewels, love sack or whatever, but men love for their “jewel’s” to be touched too. Just like we have our erogenous zones, like our breasts, men love it if you play ‘ball’ with theirs. *ahem* you get what I mean. Squeeze it, caress it, touch it, lick it – they’re yours to play with – especially if his love thang is in your mouth!


3 rough love

  • Giving a really, really rough treatment to his junk

If you don’t know how to give a decent hand job, ladies, it’s about time you learned. It’s not an alarm to be pulled as hard as possible and it’s certainly not detachable so stop trying! Don’t pull at it or yank at it like an inanimate object – this is probably the most precious thing a man has and he trusts you with it, so show it some love.


4 wired differently

  • Males and females are wired differently, so don’t assume you both like the same stuff

True, you go down on him, he goes down on you – its aaaallll good. But when he’s about to come, don’t go tweaking his nipples. That just weirds them out. Also, a big no no is playing with his asshole when he’s about to come. That just takes the climax out of the situation and winds things down immediately. (Of course, if he’s the rare man who likes it then by all means go right ahead.)


5 first move

  • Make the first move

This is the 21st century and I think we’ve come a long way in communicating the way we feel. Many men feel hesitant in making the first move in case it freaks the woman out. Women tend to take it slower than men, so give him an indication you’re ready to take it to the next level. Men love confidence and when you make the first move, it makes you hotter in their eyes.


6 vocal

  • Be vocal on what you like

Everyone is wired differently and nobody knows your body better than you. Show him what you like instead of letting him fumble around while you become impatient. After all he won’t be shy about telling you what he likes, so why not return the favor?


7 careful teeth

  • Be careful with your teeth

If you’re giving head, be very careful with your teeth. That is a very sensitive area and no man likes to have his junk bitten. Really. This will totally ruin the mood.


8 fake orgasm

  • Don’t fake an orgasm

You may think that men can’t tell if a woman’s orgasm is fake or not. But it’s not that hard to tell, especially if your partner knows you really well. Help your man get better.



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