Spice Up Your Home With These Easy Decorating Ideas

You’ve just moved into your own place or you want to revamp your house and give it a new look but are on a budget? Not to worry, we’ll show you how to decorate your home easily without spending a bomb. You know, I’ve always loved looking at home décor magazines and I long for that “oh so cute” cushion set, or those quirky lamps, coasters and knick knacks but the price tag alone makes my head spin. If I gave in to my shopping cravings I’d be out of house and home. Fortunately, not everything in life has to come with a price tag and adding a personal touch to your home is even better. Not to talk about having even more fun!

1 Coins

  • Use up your pennies

Everyone I know has a stash of pennies they have absolutely no idea what to do with. They just lie around, take up space… But this great idea is a wonderful way to get your creative juices in full flow. Make a sign like this, or stick the pennies onto simple circular shapes of different sizes to get an interesting but simple decorative piece for your home. Paint the object you will be sticking the pennies on with the same copper color for it to blend in well, or any colour of your choice. If you’re going in for subtle beauty, copper is the way to go. If you want to make a statement, use some bright shades to give the ZING to your living space.


2 old door

  • An old Door

Who said old things don’t look good. One man’s trash is another man’s treasure. Are you planning to renovate your home and have old doors that you’re planning to chuck away? A friend is redoing her home and has a spare door? That’s your chance to grab it and make it work for you. Paint it a colour of your choice – something either calming or subtle like pastel shades or a conversation starter like the blue on in the image. It’s your call and it’s definitely a one of a kind idea.


3 jars and twine

  • Old Glass Jars

This has to be one of favorite choices. You’re giving those glass jars stored away in the basement new life. Just wash them so they’re gleaming clean and use anything you’d like. Twine works very well with this idea, and the best thing is you don’t need a whole lot! Just wrap a few lengths of twine around the middle of the jars. If you have some spare lace that won’t be enough for a dress can also be used to give a delicate but exquisite effect. Put in some lights and voila! Even spare glasses can be used.


4 kitchen calendar

  • A kitchen calendar with paint chips

You redecorated your home a while back but still have some paint chips left over? Don’t throw them away! Put them behind a glass sheet to make this color coordinated calendar that would work well to remind you of any appointments you may have during the month. You can erase, start over and you can use it month after month, year after year. There’s no expiration date for this one!


5 candles and pebbles

  • Candles and Pebbles

We’ve all picked up pebbles from the beach and although they look so nice, we tend to throw them away because we keep wondering where we would use them. I’m sure someone would’ve called it junk. Shelf that rational thought away and let your creative side take over. Stick them to the bottom half of candles to create a special effect that makes them more than just ordinary. If you have twine you can even wrap it around the bottom edges to give it a rustic and seaside feel.


6 colored bottles

  • Reuse Old Wine Bottles

This is a fantastic idea to breathe new life to those old wine bottles that are collecting dust. Instead of throwing them away, you can paint them with bold colors to make it a showpiece in your living space. You can even use the twine from idea number 3 to give it an authentic and rustic look.


7 baskets

  • Bathroom Baskets

You’ve got cute baskets but they have no place in your home because of a space crunch? They look good, but they tend to take up a lot of floor space. How about nailing them to the wall to create great shelves and cubby holes for your knick knacks? Put them in the bathroom or in your hobby room. It’s entirely up to you.


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