Toilet Stickers for a Touch of Toilet Humor

Who said going to the loo was only messy business? Obviously the one who caused quite a stink! Haha! These stickers are a great touch in adding a touch of humor to people who need to visit, but some of them also lay down the rules for the newcomers. Here’s to a few laughs as you conduct your own private affairs in the bathroom!

1 peep

  • Peeping Jenny

Not quite the Peeping Tom, but this cute sticker just makes a bathroom session a whole lot more fun. J It’s like the T-shirt saying, “What’s that? Don’t touch mine, you’ve already broken yours!”


2 truck dumping

  • For Heavy Loads Only

For the heavy duty dumpers who “Drop it like it’s HOT”, this sticker will do all of those dumpers justice.

3 dennis

  • Dennis the Peeing Menace

Remember Dennis and his mischievous but ingenious antics? He’s back with the pee Brigade and his naughty look will make you want to hopefully aim straight while looking where you fall!

4 umbrella

  • Stinky Winky

This face vaguely reminds me of Sonic the Hedgehog, but you gotta go, you gotta go! Missiles launches and mission accomplished!!

5 eye test

  • The Toilet Bowl Eye Test

Haven’t been to the eye doctor yet? This should help you test your eye sight plus your aiming skills!

6 cute poop

  • Miss Cute Poop

Could poopy signages be any cuter???

7 downloading

  • Downloading… Error

Hope the error message doesn’t pop up when you’re on the job!

8 best seat

  • Your Throne awaits

Need I say more? The Best Seat in the House Awaits your Presence!

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