Big Boobed Girls Going Bra-Less – Is it possible? The Five Best Bra Options for wearing a Backless Dress

Well, anything is possible, and if you want those to swing low and free – then do go ahead. But the truth of the matter is that we girls who are blessed (or cursed) with big boobs need support. Trust me, I look at magazines and I wish I could carry off some of those strapless or backless dresses to give off a perfect summer look. Sadly, I know that would never work. I have big boobs and a petite body so I know I have to be very careful with what I wear.

If you’ve ever faced this problem, you’ll know that bras for women with big breasts are just so boring. If you have smaller tatas then you’ll have a huge selection of bras, not to mention amazing sales! Where are those sales for women like me? My size is 32G and try as I may, I cannot find those cute polka dotted cuties or those bras in turquoise blue with beautiful flaming orange and fuchsia patterned flowers. Why are those made only for women who are built smaller? That’s just not fair. Alright, at least I do have bras – I can’t complain – they may have massive straps and may be boring colors, but at least I have support.

Now, if I want to wear a beautiful strapless dress, what are my options? It looks so tacky to wear a bra with a strapless dress – beyond tacky – but that’s me. Many women do try out that look, and if it works for them then congratulations. But I’m quite particular about that and these problems lead me to a search for the perfect bra-less bra or support. What did I find? Go ahead and read for yourselves! Many women have tried these out and while you read this article, I’m probably trying them out this very minute!

viola-invisibra cropped

  • Invisibra Deidre

Priced at $28, it is cheaper than most bras that you find for big busted women. It is flesh colored but with a soft lace pattern overlay to make it seem like a bra instead of a piece of meat that you stick onto your skin. The cups are fully adhesive so you know that will stick to the contours of your body to give it good coverage. If you want more cleavage to be created, there are clips in front that can be used to make you look bustier. This is available from sized A – D, and you may find that the D cup can fit larger women. The nice thing about this product is that you don’t end up with conical or weird shaped boobs because this has a very natural feel to it and the best thing of all, you won’t be able to notice any straps or sticky adhesive tape strips. So hooray! This seems to be the best of the lot.

bring it up

  • Bring it Up Instant Breast Lift

The name is quite obvious, but it does the job. Priced at $20, it seems quite affordable. You can get a pack 0f 8 for sizes A – D or a pack of 3 for sizes D and over, which is great news for us big busted women. The shape looks quite strange, doesn’t it? Well, it’s not the conventional cup that we are used to seeing in ads or magazines. This is a transparent adhesive that is placed at the top of your breasts to pull them up – and they’re quite effective as well. Being available is larger cup sizes is a huge plus for me – especially when so many products end at a size D. It lifts very well so you know you won’t have saggy looking boobs wherever you go and it is so sticky that you can feel reassured that it will do its job for the whole time that you are wearing it. Being transparent, you can’t notice it which is great if you’re wearing something low necked. The only downside is that it doesn’t cover your nipple at all (which can also be seen as a plus point because you don’t want adhesives pulling at your nipple). So if its cold outside or a slight breeze that could make them stand at attention, well then – you’ll have to either think of something else or cover them up.

Nu Bra feather Litenubra feather lite 1





  • Nubra Feather Lite

This looks cute and gets the job done as well! It is priced at $32. The plus point to this option is that it does cover your nipples so you know that there will be no embarrassing moments if the AC is on too strong. It is very sticky so you know the sticky strength will last more than just a few uses. Another great plus point is that it is available in a DD/ E cup which is great news. You have to be careful when you’re removing it because it so sticky. How funny, the one quality that is the plus point because it won’t fall off when you’re wearing it can also be a negative. But hey – who said life was easy huh? You just have to be careful in the way you angle the cups so that your breasts are evenly covered, and if you really want to get that cleavage oomph factor in, try using the clips. That’s all up to you!

breast shapers

  • Bring it Up Breast Shapers

If you’re looking for a sticky bra that is not so bulky, then these may be a good option. They are super thin and are rubbery which are completely adhesive from inside which means you won’t get any unpleasant surprises when you are wearing them. The great thing about this is the super stickiness, but also that the adhesive is lessened at the nipple area so you don’t have any ‘ouchy’ moments when you try to take it off later. There are little tabs along the sides of the top so that you can lift it up. Don’t expect it to be exactly like your everyday bra though as the largest size it comes in is a C/D. It doesn’t really cover your entire breast in any case – so you can probably make do with any size.

kim kardashian tape

  • Pro Gaff 2 inch Gaffers Tape

It is priced at $26, but you know, this comes in handy when you’re at your wits end and you don’t know what to do. It’s not really meant specifically for bras and related things – in fact, you’ll probably see it being used to hold cables together or by photographers to hold down equipment. Not exactly the most ideal, but it does the trick. Kim Kardashian used it on the red carpet instead of a bra and ladies, if she can do that, then there’s hope for us. What you could do is take the roll of tape and start from the underside of one boob, take it over your neck and end at the other boob. Perhaps do this twice for strength. The only drawback is that you can carry off halter necks but no strapless dresses – for obvious reasons. This gives a good lift to your breasts and it gives decent coverage – no padding but doesn’t manipulate the shape of your boobs. This way you have a good round shape. The only trick is figuring out how to keep the tape flat so that you don’t get ripply breasts – now that would be a conversation starter!


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