Is your Man a Cheater? Tell Tale Signs That Will Give Him Away

It is natural for people to be in relationships. We all love to be important to a significant other and even if the relationship is in the first throes of love or you have been together for years, people can cheat. Now this is not restricted to men alone. Women can cheat too, but I’ll talk about that in a different article. Men are social animals. Science doesn’t say that men had to be monogamous and in fact, in earlier days, men had to take on many ways to have more children for helping out in the farms. Of course, this is a practice that dates back eons and is fortunately not practiced anymore. However, men do stray from their partners.

This is not an easy thing to discover, but if you notice any of these tell-tale signs, be aware. There could be another woman in your relationship. If you don’t like sharing, then give your man the boot.

working out

  • Change in his physical appearance

You know him better than anyone. If you guys have been together for a while, you will notice any subtle changes. All of us do have a tendency to get comfortable with each other when in a relationship. If you guys work out together, then well and good. But if you notice that he’s shaping up and losing those love handles out of the blue – chances are he could be trying to get someone else’s attention. It is a very natural thing to look your best when you are trying to attract someone. Remember when you guys first dated? You would look your best, fuss over your hair – all in an attempt to impress the other. If that effort has left your relationship but you notice that he is now trying to look schnazzy and goes to places without you – it could possibly mean trouble.

wrong thoughts

  • He remembers wrong details

I mean that he suddenly remembers a funny scene from a movie you guys saw recently – except that you didn’t watch it. If suddenly his memories of you and the time spent together starts blurring with other memories – he could be having an affair on the side. Either it’s that, or he suffers from a memory disease in which he makes new memories using his imagination. Which one would you believe?

Couple Or Marriage Angry And Sad After Argument

  • He needs his own space and privacy out of the blue

You guys are together and sure – you do spend a lot of time together. It is normal for people to want their own space from time to time – in fact, that’s healthy. But if your man suddenly decides that he needs a lot of privacy from calls from a ‘relative’, then it could mean fishy business. Yes, we know that privacy is needed for certain calls – but if those calls become too regular, then it could be problem. Especially if he tries to avoid talking about conversations. We always talk about our friends, family, conversations and it keeps the relationship healthy. If you get the feeling that he is trying to hide something from you – chances are that your instincts are right.


  • He becomes shady with his finances

If you are in a long term relationship, many people tend to have joint accounts. Even if not, things are pretty transparent regarding finances as bills have to be paid and each person plays their part. However, if you suddenly discover that money is disappearing from your joint account with no good reason, or if he doesn’t offer any explanation – then things need to be sorted out. Your man could be using those funds to pay for hotel rooms, dinners out with the ‘other’ woman. If he’s acting shady and does not offer any explanations then, a long chat is needed.

new secret friends

  • He has new friends and you never meet them

He says that he has to work late in office and he leaves home earlier than usual and often comes home late at night. If this behavior is out of his usual work behavior something could be up. It is very easy for him to strike up an attraction or relationship with office colleagues due to the amount of time they spend together. If you see him going out meeting friends and you never get to meet them, it could mean trouble – especially if he comes home smelling of perfume.


While these are all very real problems faced by people, the best thing to do would be to talk it out. It is very easy for a misunderstanding to flare up into something bigger or for a mountain to be made out of a molehill. Communication is always the key to everything. So if you think that your man is cheating on you – have it out.

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