5 Tips On How to Look Attractive Naturally

Many of us are suckers for a cream that will make your wrinkles disappear or a certain foundation that will make your blemishes vanish. While all of these are artificial answers to our skin problems, there are many natural ways to look attractive. Here are some tips and a little bit of advice on how to make yourself look more attractive.



Drinking water for natural beauty


  • Drink Water

I cannot stress how important this is. Your health and well being depends upon your water intake. If you do not hydrate your body enough every day, you could suffer from many problems. Not only that, your skin will look old. This is the most important tip for looking healthy and having healthy skin. No matter the weather or the season, always make sure you hydrate your body well. This is better than any makeup you can find on the market.


moisturizing your skin for natural beauty

  • Moisturize your skin

Your skin is the largest organ, and as a result, it can get bombarded and exposed to all the elements as well as pollution. Think of it as the coat that protects you from the cold and the shield from the sun. Your body is protected by your skin, but this also means that it faces a lot of harshness. The only way to protect it is to moisturize it. When you moisturize your skin you keep your skin well nourished. Moisturizing also prevents dry skin and wrinkles. Be sure to moisturize your face and neck, as well as your hands and feet as these show signs of aging faster than other parts of your body.


Shampooing your hair for natural beauty

  • Shampooing

Bet you didn’t think that would feature here, huh? But your hair is your crowning glory. Many times when you meet people for the first time, you do notice their faces – but you also notice their hair. If a person’s hair looks well groomed and taken care of, it adds to their beauty. Hair that looks oily and greasy will make the person look unkempt. Keep your hair clean and you will notice a huge difference in your appearance.


Exercise for natural beauty

  • Exercise

Your body needs to be healthy to look healthy. When you work out, your body gets more serotonin which is a neurotransmitter which plays a pivotal role with moods and depression. When you exercise, you feel better, healthier fitter. Blood also rushes to your skin, which gives you a healthy glow. So huff and puff your way to a better, happier life.


Self Confidence for natural beauty

  • Self Confidence

It all boils down to how happy you are with yourself. It is natural for many women and men to be dissatisfied with their physical appearance. You will laugh at the amount of times I’ve asked my significant other ‘Do I look fat?’ I may have gained a few pounds here and there, but I still look good, but at times we need that positive validation. What is best is if we believe in ourselves and go seize the day without having to hear anything from anyone. Self esteem is a big ego and beauty booster.


Apart from that, there are little things you can do to make sure you look as good as you feel – which is awesome. Simple things that making sure you are well groomed can make a difference to your appearance. Combing your hair so that you don’t look like a scarecrow is one. You should also ensure that you get a good night’s rest; you eat healthy and maintain a good posture. Simply by straightening your back and walking confidently is a huge plus point. Last but not least, try not to overindulge with alcohol as the effects will show on your skin. All these tips will help you in creating a more positive outlook to your own image, provided you follow them. When you feel confident about yourself, it shows.


So be a happy, carefree person and stun the world with your positivity and natural beauty!






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