Our Amazing Body – Facts About Our Body That Will Blow Your Mind!

If you really had to think about it, our body is a treasure trove of amazing and yet, highly unique things. We cannot hope to recreate the same system that makes our body work, day in and day out.  From the incredible functions of all our body parts, there is also the complex system which unifies all our functions and makes it possible for us to move, talk, see, hear and much more, without much effort. When you look at today’s technology, we have indeed come a long way. We have managed to create robots that look like dogs, machines that can replace the need for manual labor which is very time and labor intensive. Automating things seems like a logical and natural progression of things – but when it comes to replicating our human body – it is still an impossible task. There is so much we don’t know, even though we are now able to probe and study the minute details of our body. But how did it all come to be? How did this complex system evolve over the years? Here are a few amazing facts about the human body that should give you something to ponder about.



the heart


  • Your heart is an incredible organ and pumps an amazing 2000 gallons in a time span of 24 hours! Can you believe that it pumps more than 7500 liters of blood a day? That sounds like a water turbine of sorts – maybe a mini one. Your heart works very hard to pump the blood for your body. In fact, it beats more than a hundred thousand times to make things work. Geez, imagine doing that many sit ups – or even taking that many steps – it’s quite a lot, trust me!



  • You breathe in air and exhale to stay alive – but are you conscious of this feat? On any given day the average person will take around seventeen thousand breaths – without consciously being aware of it. How crazy does that sound? Breathing is such a natural function, yet if we want to hold our breaths, we can achieve that as well. This comes in handy when you are swimming, diving or doing other activities. Our lungs are built to withstand a lot. It has the capacity to hold six liters of air!!!


tiny soldiers

  • You’ve got tiny soldiers battling for your life every single day. Think of it as a World War – but it takes place within your body. How, do you ask? Well, there are many mutations that can and do take place in your body daily. These mutations can alter and reprogram your cell’s DNA which could lead to cancer and other life threatening diseases. But your body detects these lesions and abnormalities and sends enzymes and white blood cells to fight them off so that you don’t fall sick.


brain and thoughts

  • When someone asks what is the most important sexual organ – what do you think the answer would be? You wouldn’t think of your brain as being the answer to that question, right? Well, it’s true. It can do, think and visualize so much – that it powers your every move. In fact, it’s working overtime and you don’t know it. You think you are always aware of your every thought? Welcome to the real world. More than fifty thousand thoughts pass through your brain daily. You probably have an average of 41 thoughts per minute… Wow! What on Earth could you be thinking about??


toxic tummy acids

  • Your stomach produces some very VERY strong acids that could eat away your body from the inside out. Sounds like a gruesome way to go, doesn’t it? Fortunately, those acids which are used to break down the foods we eat are neutralized by an alkaline substance produced by the lining of your stomach. Super Saver!


Eyes - the windows to the soul

  • Your eyelashes are not just pretty things emphasized by mascara and the like. Your eyes are your windows to the world outside and are rather delicate things that need care and attention. There are many impurities that are floating in the air that could cause harm to your eyes. Women blink more than men, but this action protects your eyes. A voluntary reflex motion, this motion keeps your eyes moist. Your eyes take in a crazy amount of information. Considering that everything we know and can relate to is through visual means, you should really take care of your eyes. Your blinks last for only 1/10th of a second but that is enough to protect your eyes. This is repeated nearly 29,000 times a day. You can take in a visual scene within 0.01 of a second which is incredible. Think about the amount of people and things you visually take in every single day – that’s a lot of visual information – from what you wear, others wear, people you meet, landscapes you pass, cars, lights, work stuff. Whew. No wonder we need to sleep to rest our eyes!!


lightbulbs - heat and body

  • Your body needs to keep generating heat so that your body stays at an optimum temperature. This is vital for your body to function. If your body’s temperature drops below a certain degree, then your body slows down and could eventually shut down. Same goes for if it is too high. As you can imagine, when your body produces heat, a lot of it gets expelled through your body’s surface – your skin. Most of your body’s energy is lost through heat. Your body produces the same amount of heat as 25 light bulbs in one day!


red Blood Cells Fighting for your life

  • Your red blood cells have a life span of only 40 days, but they travel more than you probably do in your lifetime. They take 60 seconds to zoom through your body, completing a full circuit in only a minute. Think about the hours in a day – and your red blood cells make around 1440 journeys daily. This keeps you feeling all energized and after the forty days are up, a newer and younger red blood cell takes over. By the time they are replaced, they would have made 60,000 trips through your body! Whoa! That’s a lot of traveling!


It's all about the hair

  • Your hair keeps growing, no matter how young or old you are. It grows half a millimeter a day, and the average person has a full head of hair which is around 100,000 hairs. This means that there is a daily combined hair growth of 50 meters! Rapunzel, Rapunzel, Let down your golden hair!


Shedding SKin

  • Your skin is the largest organ in your body and it protects your insides from the dangers outsides. It also keeps all your vital organs neatly packaged in. It has an average surface area of 2 square meters. With so much skin, it needs to be replenished constantly. Think of a snake’s skin. They shed their skin, but it is a very visual action. With us, our body sheds more than a million skin cells daily, but they are constantly replaced, so you don’t have to worry about slowly disappearing from view.

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